Real Estate Video & Photography Services

Aimed at Real Estate Agents and Marketers

Our experience in video and photography services now extends into the real estate and property market. These services include full real estate video production services including cinema-style production utilising 35mm DSLR cameras and aerial video. We also offer animated presentations with themed music from your still images ideal for online and front of house use. To find out more information, call us or fill out our online form and we will arrange a no worries, free consultation. We will contact you to arrange a one on one time to meet in person or schedule a phone call to talk about your needs.


Choosing quality photographs to market your property can make a difference. With the advent of camera phones, some agents utilise their phones to take shots. But choosing professional images will showcase your property in the best possible light.


A good floor plan is an effective tool to help market your property. This is especially important for giving a quick and concise idea of the property layout that a potential home buyer can easily view. Our floor plans are made to measure and include fittings and furniture designed to fill rooms with purpose and visitors with a good idea of how the property appears.

The real estate market now demands that agents use floor plans for most listings. That’s why our real estate photography services offer floor plans, made to measure as a key part of our services. Floor plans we offer to our clients are measured and drawn locally. Minimising errors and fast turnaround time for original layouts and alterations. We can also render your floor plan into a video delivering a great 3d experience to your visitors. This is particularly useful for homes available for sale off the plan.


According to a recent Google study, an overwhelming majority of homebuyers jump online to find their next home yet a low proportion of real estate agents use video to tap this huge market… which type of real estate agent are you?

share of video traffic on the net 80%
online homebuyers 92%
agents using video 15%

Why Use A Real Estate Video to Market Your Property?

aerial suburb shot sydney real estate video

Google Study of Online Homebuyers

According to a recent study conducted by Google, an overwhelming majority of homebuyers, in fact more than 90%,  jump online to find their next home. This is believed to be a higher proportion than those homebuyers that use a real estate agent. Furthermore, the average punter spends weeks looking at real estate properties on the internet before they even call a real estate agent. Therefore it has never been more important for real estate agents and real estate marketers to not only have an online presence but also a video that gives your properties the best chance of exposure to the homebuyers market.

canon 5d camera gear drone aerial sydney real estate video

A Huge Audience Unexplored

We already know video will account for almost 80% of internet traffic by 2020 and real estate video is no exception. As video technology becomes more accessible to both desktop and portable device users, buyers will use video more than ever before to search for their next dream home. Despite these undeniable figures, only a few real estate agents are taking advantage of video to market their properties. In fact, studies have shown the figure is as little as 15%. This leaves a huge unexplored market for tech-savvy users that want to see real estate video. Making a decision to use video to market your real estate properties will give you agency the edge that others are not taking advantage of, yet.

Take Advantage of Special Real Estate Photography & Video Packages Now!

We are so convinced our services will improve marketing your real estate properties, we will back it with a no fee guarantee. That’s right! For a limited time we will produce a video for you and if it doesn’t meet your expectations and you don’t use it, we will refund your investment [subject to terms and conditions]. To take advantage of this offer, you must mention it in your email when you contact us below.