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About Our Organisation.

What is our mission?
To take your ideas and help you realise them through a visual medium that delivers your message in a creative and meaningful way.
Emmanuel Farrugia, Creative Director
Ideas are more than an intangible asset. We take your ideas and use it as a seed to deliver your message concisely for your audience. This provides a consistent message to all your viewers eliminating the risk of a mixed message.
When training your staff, the need to deliver a centralised consistant message to all your employees can be realised through video training. This means different sites that need to learn the same skills can watch identical video presentations to ensure consistancy in your message.

Our Team.

Who are we?
Our team is made up of industry professionals focussed on their individual skills and professional expertise. As a team, we combine these skills to deliver the complete solution from concept to delivery.

Emmanuel Farrugia

Camera, Editor, Director

Emmanuel Farrugia

Founder and Creative Director

Emmanuel started his career in multimedia in 1989. He is an accomplished & award winning video producer that trained formally in film & television, a qualified audio engineer & worked as a DJ in leading Sydney nightclubs through the 80's and 90's.

Rob Crapparotta

Graphic Designer

Rob Crapparotta

Graphic Designer

Rob is a talented graphic designer running a successful graphic design business for the past 15 years. His design skills are focused in Illustrator and InDesign with a creative and fresh edge.

Ron Dorre

Video Producer, Camera & Production

Ron Dorre

Video Producer, Camera & Production

Ron has a keen eye for what looks good and how to capture it. He specialises in video camera with vast experience in corporate and television.

Our Services.

What can we do for you?
Visual media can be very important to your business. It's believed a third of all online activity is now spent watching video. Remember although distribution is important production quality and content is king.
Producing "just a video" doesn't mean you'll always get people watching. What you say in your video is often what drives viewers and keeps them watching.

We offer website design & hosting. Our hosting services are aimed at Australian businesses looking for a reliable local host with local support. All our hosting is located on fast local servers in Sydney. Whether you need a full-featured top-of-the-line hosting product, a simple hosting platform for your new website, or just a professional email address, we have the product for you. Check out our full range of Cloud and cPanel hosting products below. All plans are hosted on world-class technology, with the security and reliability of Australia's largest hosting infrastructure. To find out more about our hosting services, please visit our hosting page.



Our multimedia clients comprise of businesses in need of a clear message in visual form for both their employees and clients of their own. To see some example videos go to our video gallery here.


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